About Us

IN4X Global is a gateway to build a transparent financial economy that is powered by crypto and accessible by all.

We are building a payment technology platform that empowers every business and individuals to participate in crypto adoption. A platform that allows global businesses to sell products/services in their local currency, while letting customers pay for their daily expenses using crypto. A payment solution that is convenient for all the participants, along with being instant and secure.

Lately, established businesses have begun seeing the potential of cryptocurrencies and are embracing them as their alternate mode of payment. But there are many who don’t know how to integrate crypto payments to their business as settlements remain a looming issue.

To address this gap, IN4X Global was conceptualized to connect all stakeholders with technology to facilitate payment and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Our ecosystem completes a full circle with iOWN Wallet – a digital wallet, fully powered by IN4X Global. While the iOWN Wallet app allows customers to access and shop with their crypto assets on the go, IN4X Global’s business portal gives businesses real-time view of these transactions along with speedy crypto-to-cash settlements.

Be part of the Crypto revolution with IN4X Global.

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IN4X Global logo represents globe and change, renewal, continuous change, harmony (yin yang) and infinity.

Meet our team

We are a dynamic, multi-talented team that believes in the power of blockchain and crypto as the future of transactions.