iOWN Token

iOWN Token is a multi-utility token that can be used within the blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform, iOWNX and is accepted as a payment method at several vendors.

Essential Facts:

  • iOWN Token is a ERC token
  • iOWN Token is listed on two exchanges and latoken
  • From listing date iOWN token prices increased by 600%
  • iOWN Token has a total supply of 450 million tokens, out of which 301 million tokens  currently . The remainder of the supply will be put in a special, “On-demand-release” program or will be burnt.

Tether (USDT) is a blockchain based cryptocurrency whose tokens in circulation are backed by an equivalent amount of US dollars, making a stable coin with a price pegged to a USD $1. Mostly used to enter or exit from a trade and hold the value no matter how the market fluctuates. Which means it  is used as a medium of exchange and a mode of storage of value, instead of being used as a medium of speculative investments.

Accept crypto payments through IN4X Global

IN4X Global is a regulated crypto trading platform, that supports crypto transactions: buying and selling in swiftly and securely 

  • Supports iOWN Token and USDT
  • Risk free and fast crypto transactions at your fingertips
  • Private personalized service
  • IN4X Global Exchange Fees are 1.5%.

iOWN Wallet
  • Fully-powered by IN4X Global, iOWN Wallet is an Ethereum-based, multi-purpose wallet for users to store, send and receive iOWN Tokens along with ETH and USDT.
  • With iOWN Wallet, you can make your everyday purchases with crypto. Users can Simply download the app from iOS/Android store and pay or trade with crypto.