About IN4X  Gobal Agents

A commission-based business development and sales program that is offered to agents who are interested in selling iOWN Tokens and USDT with access to the great benefits under IN4X Agents Program , IN4X Global is licensed by crypto valley UAE. 

To become a certified agent, applicants should learn about iOWN token and USDT through a series of educational content, followed by an assessment that will qualify interested applicants to become certified agents.

A certified IN4X agent can officially present iOWN token and earn commission in return. 

Top IN4X Global Agent

If you are an active agent or interested to become one, and looking to eliminate the risk associated with unregulated crypto activities , then this opportunity is for you.

IN4X Global Key offerings:

  • Technology Infrastructure: agents portal, dedicated wallet, high security
  • Compliance process which includes KYC and 3rd party screening
  • Dedicated team and 24/7 support

Become IN4X Global Certified Agent in few steps

Step kyc - 01
Step kyc - 02
Step kyc - 03
Step kyc - 04
Step KYC-05
Step kyc - 06
Step kyc - 07
Step kyc - 08