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5 Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2022

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get free crypto?

Before we answer that, let us look at facts. The global rate of crypto adoption is a clear indication that crypto is here to stay. Also, it is likely to take over the global investment markets. You can buy crypto or you could earn it for free.

Staking, lending and mining are three of the most popular methods people use to gain free cryptocurrency. But staking and lending require you to already have a fixed amount of the crypto that you wish to stake or lend. On the other hand, crypto mining requires you to invest in mining software and hardware. Additionally, you would need a low-cost power supply and a cooling system to avoid overheating the system. These costs add up and the profit made by mining takes time.

In this blog post, we have listed a few ways you can actually get crypto for free


1.       Learning Programs


Several crypto websites offer a learning program through which you can gain crypto for free. Two of the most popular ones are listed below:

  1. CoinMarketCap
CoinMarketCap is a useful resource to track the prices of cryptocurrencies. But, its ‘Learn Crypto. Earn Crypto.’ program lets you earn crypto for free. You need to be a registered CoinMarketCap user to avail of the benefits of this program. It partners with new and promising projects and offers courses regarding them.
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The course entails some educational videos that need to be watched. Later the user is quizzed on these. If you score 100%, you are rewarded with the tokens of that project. A few projects include other tasks apart from this. For more details, visit their FAQ section.

  1. CoinBase
CoinBase is another reputed platform that offers its users the chance to earn free cryptocurrency. Their program ‘Earn crypto while learning about crypto’ aims to promote certain cryptocurrencies. To start earning crypto through this program, you need to sign up on CoinBase. Next, you need to check for courses that offer crypto and complete these. Upon successful completion of the course, you receive tokens of the project.


2.       Airdrops


Airdrops are free crypto tokens that are shared by an emerging project to gain traction and bring their cryptocurrency into circulation. Generally, these are advertised to the project communities well in advance. You can follow various crypto websites or the social media channels of blockchain companies for this.

Alternatively, you could also follow dedicated crypto airdrop websites. All you need to do is complete certain simple tasks like following the social media channels of the project. Upon successful completion of the task, you can share your wallet address to receive free crypto.
However, airdrops are also easy targets for scams and hackers. So, we would encourage you to DYOR, which means Do Your Own Research in crypto terminology, before you opt for an airdrop.


3.       Bounty Programs


You can earn crypto rewards through Bounty Programs. These are incentivizing systems by crypto projects. To receive rewards, you need to complete a set of tasks. However, unlike those in airdrops, the tasks in bounty programs can be a bit complex.
Examples include writing a white paper, translating a document, coding or development, creating YouTube videos etc. Bounty programs may happen before an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to spread awareness regarding the project, or after an ICO to find bugs or provide feedback.


4.       Reddit


Reddit is a social media platform that has its own cryptocurrency – Moon. In essence, moons are like community points for participation in various subreddit threads. For receiving moons, you need to set up a Vault. This vault is the Reddit equivalent of a crypto wallet. Reddit automatically awards moons to Redditors who are active. You can earn moons for posting original content or commenting on other posts. Reddit distributes free moons to the community every 28 days.
While you may contribute to any subreddit thread to earn moons, the safest bet is r/cryptocurrency. This community has over 4.6 million users, thereby making participation easy.


5.       Sign-Ups and Referral Bonuses on Exchange Platforms


A few exchange platforms offer sign up and referral bonuses to users. You simply need to create an account on an exchange to claim the reward. Exchanges also offer bonuses for funding your accounts. CoinSmart offers a $30 reward if you fund your account with $100. For BitBuy, if you make a deposit of $250 or more, you get a $40 bonus.

The methods listed above are some of the many options available to earn crypto for free. You may use a combination of them, or any one of them as per your needs and interests. Even if the tokens you get through these are not the crypto you are interested in, you can easily trade them for stablecoins like USDT or USDC. However, if you would still like to go the traditional route, you can buy crypto directly from cash at competitive rates with us.
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