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How to buy BTC, ETH in Dubai and get rewarded?

There has been a growing interest to buy BTC, ETH in Dubai, given that Dubai is all set to become the next crypto hub. In addition to this, various cryptocurrency and blockchain related events take place in the region all through the year. This serves to boost crypto awareness and adoption in Dubai. IN4X Global Trading Platform lets you exchange crypto for cash, and vice versa. Furthermore, if you choose to exchange cash for crypto through IN4X Global, there are no hidden charges or commissions. Moreover, how about receiving rewards for buying BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, iOWN Token, and other cryptocurrencies in Dubai? Through the new campaign launched by IN4X Global – Exchange for Free – you can now get rewards for exchanging cash for crypto.
Here is what you need to do:

  1. Contact our Team to buy BTC, ETH in Dubai.
You may contact our team through any of our social media channels. Thereafter, one of our team members will set up an appointment with you. We have a highly skilled and adept team, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

  1. Meet our Team
You may choose to visit our office in Dubai or set up a virtual meeting.
We ensure that our clients’ preferences are always taken into consideration. However, given prior appointments, it may take up to two days. So please bear with us while we select a perfect time for you.

  1. Convert your cash to your favorite crypto
Select the crypto and amount you require. Then, pay the equivalent amount as per the exchange rate in cash, directly at our office. You can buy BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, iOWN token, etc. Alternatively, you may send us a wire transfer from any part of the world and get crypto. Since we are wallet-agnostic, you can choose to receive your crypto in any wallet of your choice.

  1. Get rewarded with free iOWN tokens.
Whenever you exchange your crypto for cash through our trading platform, you will be rewarded with iOWN tokens. The amount of iOWN tokens received is dependent on the amount of crypto bought from us.
For example – For every 100 USDT, you are rewarded with 16 iOWN tokens.  For further information regarding the reward, please contact our team.
To receive iOWN tokens, you will simply need to download the iOWN wallet.

What is iOWN Token?

iOWN Token is a BEP-20 crypto token on the BNB chain. It is a multi-utility token that is listed on multiple exchanges for trading. Additionally, it is a gateway for investments within the iOWN Group ecosystem and to pay for global merchants through IN4X Global. iOWN Tokens may offer you a host of benefits including:  

  1. Store your tokens into the multi-asset iOWN Wallet as a store-of-value.

  2. Participate in the iOWN staking program and get rewarded with real estate NFTs in Dubai.

  3. Access to iOWN vendors and partners like IN4X Global.


You can buy iOWN tokens directly from us or through exchanges like Coinsbit, Latoken, or P2PB2B. However, our campaign would help you gain iOWN tokens for free. And we are sure everyone likes freebies, especially if they have a potential to appreciate in value.

You may exchange cash for any cryptocurrency of your choice and get free iOWN tokens as a reward. This is an added bonus and will be available to users only until the campaign is live. So, buy crypto from us directly through cash and make use of the offer while it lasts. You may contact us through any of the links at the end of this article below.

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