Easy way to convert your cash into crypto

Where can I Buy Crypto
from Cash in Dubai UAE

The crypto market has offered unparalleled profits to individuals and businesses who invested in it at the right time. And even though cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been in the market since 2009, the last couple of years have seen a tremendous increase in the amount of people looking to take advantage of the crypto market. According to CNBC, 65% of crypto investors started their crypto journeys during 2020-2021. Given the ongoing trend, more and more people are looking to make profits by adding this digital asset to their investment portfolios.

How to buy crypto in Dubai? 

The most common ways to buy cryptocurrencies in UAE are through brokers or exchange platforms like Coinbase, or Binance. You may research various platforms, so you can find the one which is most suitable for your needs. Most brokers or exchanges involve a registration process that entails the following steps –  

  1. Account Creation  
  2. Identity Verification or KYC  

After you have chosen your platform, you need to complete your user profile on the said platform and verify your identity by uploading a few documents. Thereafter, you may buy cryptocurrency through cash, debit, or credit card.  

What to do after buying cryptocurrency? 

Once you have your cryptocurrency, you can store it either on the platform’s own storage, or on a digital wallet. Using the platform’s storage enables you to have all your data in a central place. You just need to login and begin trading. This is especially recommended for investors who trade on a daily basis.  

However, it is more advisable to use a digital wallet to store your crypto if you wish to invest for a long term. Having a non-custodial wallet enables you to have complete authority over your cryptocurrency. You have your own private key for your crypto wallet, so only you have access to your crypto assets. Having a personal digital wallet also protects you against attacks from hackers who target centralized exchange platforms.  

Need a convenient platform to buy crypto directly through cash? 

IN4X Global is a platform that allows you to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency directly through cash. Since it is integrated with our updated self-hosted iOWN Wallet 2.0, you do not have to use an additional third-party wallet to store your crypto. 

iOWN wallet is an Ethereum-based multi-purpose wallet that you can use to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies like Ether, iOWN token, stablecoins like USDT, USDC and others. 


Buying crypto through our user-friendly platform is a quick and easy 3-step process –  


1. Connect

Connect with our industry experts through WhatsApp, or Telegram. Or you can reach out to us on our social media channels as well.


2. Meet

Our experts will schedule a meeting with you, where they get to understand your exact requirements and suggest the best way to go forth with your crypto portfolio. They will also help set up your account on the platform.

where can i buy crypto from cash in dubai uae

3. Trade

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or HODL, our platform meets all your requirements. This eliminates the traditional registration process carried out by most platforms, making it highly convenient for our users.

Why you should consider buying crypto through IN4X Global –  

Whether you are investing in cryptocurrency for the first time, or quickly need stablecoins like USDT, or USDC to purchase another cryptocurrency, IN4X Global allows you to do it easily through fiat. It is a simple and time-effective system, with complete transparency. We enable you to pay in cash and get crypto transferred to your wallet with minimal waiting time. 

Because IN4X Global offers competitive exchange rates, it helps you to get more value for your money as compared to what you would receive from the market. There are no undisclosed fees or last-minute costs which would deter you from buying cryptocurrency with IN4X Global. 

Selling cryptocurrency in Dubai? 

Even when you might look to crypto as a long-term investment option, sometimes you may need to trade it for cash. In case you are looking to sell cryptocurrency, we offer you fiat currency as well. You can check out our highly competitive real-time rates on Telegram. We buy USDT, USDC, iOWN token, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies and you get the equivalent amount directly in cash.