Accept crypto payments
for your business, get
instant payouts

Еnablе new payment method that is instant, traceable and secure. Leverage your business with crypto


IN4X Global is a bridge between businesses and customers to pave path for mass crypto adoption. We are in-charge of the payment process starting from your customer point of checkout till you receive your final settlement. 

IN4X Global’s robust payment solution empowers different types of businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as their preferred mode of payment:   


E-commerce websites. Retail Outlets PoS. Corporate-issued invoices  

Why you should accept
crypto payments?​

The cryptocurrency adoption among businesses is growing at an unprecedented rate. Set yourself apart from your competitors by adding crypto payments to your business.  

Be part of the growing crypto tribe.

Why choose IN4X Global

Multiply your profits as IN4X Global offers a 2% transaction fee for its power-packed payment solution.

Blockchain protection

IN4X Global secures your business from e-commerce fraud:

Customers without sufficient funds aren’t allowed to make a payment 

No withdrawal of funds by intermediaries like banks from your account without proper consent  

High level of encryption keeps your customer data and business information safe. 

Seamless Integration

IN4X Global’s business portal helps business owners and merchants automate their crypto payment collection without worrying about the technicalities involved. 

Leverage your business and grow your productivity with our payment solutions. Get in touch with our team today.  

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