Frequently Asked Question


Integrating IN4X Global to your business is simple. We will create a business portal and digital wallet for your business, which will be secured by the blockchain technology and make your business crypto ready.

You can start accepting cryptocurrency for your business as soon as the onboarding process is complete. The process involves signing of the agreement and completing Know Your Business (KYB). Post that, IN4X Global will create an API key and guide you through the next steps. The whole process might take up to three business days.

IN4X Global’s solutions can be seamlessly integrated with different types of businesses including, e-commerce websites and corporate-issued invoices.

All settlements occur within seven business days.

If the customer cancels the order before the fulfillment, the tokens will be refunded immediately. But, if the customer cancels the order post fulfillment, it will be subject to terms agreed in each business agreement. Please note the applicable charges will vary depending on the order.

Your customers can make a cryptocurrency payment through iOWN Wallet app (Hyperlink to iOWN Wallet page). Once the app is installed, they can follow this easy guide (hyperlink) to use crypto to pay for their purchases.


iOWN Wallet is an Ethereum-based, multi-purpose wallet that is fully powered by IN4X Global. iOWN Wallet allows you to store iOWN Token, ETH and USDT and pay for your purchases using cryptocurrencies through IN4X Global platform.

You can buy iOWN Wallet through IN4X Global without the hassle of creating accounts across multiple exchanges. Simply download the app, complete KYC and fund your iOWN Wallet using bank wire transfer and credit card. iOWN Wallet supports ETH, USDT apart from iOWN Token.

Users need to complete email verification followed by a KYC while creating a new account on iOWN Wallet. No verification is required for making a crypto transaction.

As of now, you can pay using iOWN Token and USDT. But make sure you have sufficient ETH for the gas fee to complete the transaction.

During the checkout process, the iOWN Wallet app will show a list of available currencies in your wallet. Choose from iOWN Token, and USDT to complete your transaction. Make sure you have sufficient ETH for the gas fee to complete the transaction. Check our complete payment guide (Hyperlink to iOWN Wallet page) to know more.

IN4X Global has partnered with various merchants, e-commerce websites, technology companies and our list keeps growing. Head to our partners list (Hyperlink our Partners) to know where to shop with your crypto assets.   

Only orders that have not been fulfilled are subject to refunds. To receive a refund, contact us at Our team will get back to you within three business days.

The blockchain technology used by IN4X Global ensures that your crypto funds are protected. The high level of encryption on the blockchain protects your data and information from thefts.

Only orders that have not been fulfilled can be cancelled. However, if you have received the product, it will be subject to the terms mentioned in the merchant policy. During the process in case of queries, you can get in touch (Hyperlink Contact Form) with our team.

To withdraw USDT, head to your crypto assets portfolio on iOWN Wallet and request for withdrawal of USDT. Your request will be processed soon.

You will receive an email notification from the IN4X Global team explaining the refund process and asking for your wallet address. The refund will be sent to your wallet address shortly.

iOWN Wallet

iOWN Wallet is equipped with security features like biometric scanner (face and finger unlock) and 12-word secret phrase. As a user of iOWN Wallet, you have the sole ownership of your private key and crypto assets.

After your account has been created, you will receive a mail to submit your documents for KYC. These include Passport Copy/National ID and Proof of Residential Address. If your documents are in line with the requirements, your KYC will be approved within 48 hours and your account will be verified.

Once you have created an account on iOWN Wallet, check the Menu for ‘Use Biometrics’. Enter your password and use your finger print/face recognition to activate your biometrics.

After you have logged into your wallet account, go to ‘Show Secret Phrase’ from the menu. Re-enter your password or use Biometric Unlock for security reasons and your 12-word secret phrase will appear on the screen.


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