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Scan QR code, pay
with crypto​

Store your crypto assets safely with iOWN Wallet 

What is iOWN Wallet?​

Fully-powered by IN4X Global, iOWN Wallet is an Ethereum-based, multi-purpose wallet for users to store, send and receive iOWN Tokens along with ETH and USDT.

With iOWN Wallet, you can make your everyday purchases with crypto. Simply download the app from iOS/Android store and pay with crypto.

Get ready for crypto
payments ​

Set your wallet in three simple steps, after installing the app: 

iOWNX Wallet

Enter details like full name, email id and phone number 

iOWNX Wallet

A 12-word secret phrase will appear on your app screen. Make sure to keep it secure. Your wallet account has been created.


Complete your KYC and fund iOWN Wallet account by buying cryptocurrencies using bank wire transfer.  

Instant payments
with iOWN Wallet

in four simple steps:

Your purchase transaction is completed!

buy crypto in dubai
buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum through iown wallet

Why do users prefer
iOWN Wallet?

Sole ownership of your private key and crypto assets


Maintain your crypto assets in one place


Transfer crypto with flexible transaction fee 

Security features like biometric scanner, 12-word secret phrase. 


Blockchain technology ensures your cryptocurrencies are secure 

Manage your crypto
assets on mobile